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Whole Earth Motorcycle Center, P.O. Box 102125, Denver, CO 80250 USA

The true story of the world's longest, most difficult and most perilous motorcycle journey ever attempted by the first global adventure rider.

The 1912-1913 "around the world motorcycle ride" by Carl Stearns Clancy was originally penned as a travelogue.

This book, collected and edited by author and professional motorcycle adventurer Dr. Gregory W. Frazier, recounts how Clancy and his Henderson motorcycle made the first global circumnavigation.

With 120 original images and over 76,000 words the book MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURER is the result of 16 years research and Frazier's own five motorcycle rides around the globe.

The Introduction by Dave Barr, Guinness World Record holder and himself a global motorcycle circumnavigator, takes the reader to where all other global motorcycle adventurers can only dream of having been, following the trail of the first man to ride a motorcycle around the world.

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